Theoretical Physics

The last decades have shown interesting thematic convergences within theoretical physics. The Theoretical Physics Group of Universidad de los Andes is located at the intersection of several of these currents. Among these stand out: the convergence of quantum mechanics and information theory, the convergence between statistical physics and dynamic systems, and finally, the interaction between geometry, topology and quantum mechanics. Our research projects reflect the overlap between diverse areas of theoretical physics. Among other topics, we are interested in Hamiltonian depending on parameters, information concepts applied to classical and quantum mechanics, entanglement in systems of many particles, development and application of geometric methods, foundations of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics.

Our work uses both analytical and numerical methods. As for the training of students, our interest is to train researchers who can easily move among various disciplines. Some of the topics that have recently been investigated are:

  • Hamiltonian dynamics simultaneously irreversible and periodic which in some sense violate the second law of thermodynamics.
  • Application of geometric methods to problems of quantization, of phase transitions and the connection between spin and statistics.
  • Applications of the theory of representations of the symmetric group to the asymptotic behavior of the tripartite quantum entanglement.

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