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General Information

The Department of Physics, Universidad de los Andes was founded in 1951. It currently offers academic programs for Undergraduate in Physics, Masters and Doctorate in Physics.
The Undergraduate Program in Physics (Physics Major) started in 1978. Its purpose is to educate students in the understanding, handling and application of concepts, principles and main theories of physics, developing in them a way of thinking according to the scientific method, with critical and analytical thinking to address and raise issues and solutions that are not only of a theoretical – physics interest but also of interest in other fields related to the natural sciences. Most of graduated students have continued with postgraduate studies in the Department, or at recognized universities abroad. Many students have also supplemented this education with majors in areas such as Mathematics, Engineering, Economics, among others, making use of the dual degree offered by the Universidad de Los Andes.

Graduate academic programs offered by the department, MSC and PhD in Physics, involve students directly with research activities carried out by the teachers. There is active participation in cutting-edge research in areas such as High Energy Physics, Astronomy, Biophysics, Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics.

The Master's degree in Physics was opened in 1997. This program seeks to deepen and broaden the study of concepts and main theories of physics and its applications, giving students the basic tools that enable them as researchers in a specific area, and to contribute to the improvement of teaching in tertiary education. Many of the graduated have continued their doctoral studies at our university or other institutions worldwide.

The PhD in Physics began in 1998. The main objective of this program is to train researchers. To this end, it is intended to develop in students skills to carry out original research in an autonomous manner. Simultaneously with the above, the student acquires a maturity level in physics that allows him/her to approach science with a critical spirit necessary for a true understanding and emerging of new ideas. All PhDs in physics graduated from our program have continued their careers as post-doctoral researchers in foreign universities.

Our students have several financing options to fund their education. In the case of undergraduate students, the university offers a wide range of scholarships and ways to finance the tuition (financial support). In the case of graduate students, the physics department provides financial support in the form of Teaching Assistance and Research Assistance.



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