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Mission, Vision and Development Plan


The Department aims to train professionals and researchers in physics, and to contribute to the generation of new knowledge, for the scientific and technological development that produces a positive impact on its environment. It maintains a level of excellence in activities of teaching, research and promotion of scientific thinking.


In the year 2020, our students and graduates are successfully involved in research, teaching and innovation activities. Our professors have a working environment that enables the development of research projects with an impact at a national and international level. Our research groups have been consolidated through the participation of postdoctoral researchers, national and international students of all levels and support staff. Our research lines contribute to the advancement of the knowledge frontier.

The Department has strengthened its scientific collaborations with national and international universities and institutes. It has managed to attract international students and it is a reference model for Latin American research and teaching. In addition, the Department has contributed to the generation of a scientific and ethical culture in its students.