Quantum Optics

Today, light, and especially laser light, has allowed us to study fundamental concepts of physics and develop new technologies in fields as diverse as information, health sciences and alternative energy among others. Within a topic can generally be light as, quantum optics has been of great interest for their fundamental role in the understanding of quantum mechanics applications like quantum computing, metrology and quantum cryptography among others. The work of experimental quantum optics group at Universidad de los Andes focuses on studying experimentally the generation, characterization and manipulation at the quantum level, of various light sources in order to understand them and use them mainly for practical applications. In particular, we studied the generation of non-classical states of light and its applications in quantum information. Through the non-linear optical process of spontaneous parametric generation, we can generate in the laboratory pairs of entangled photons and single photon announced. Additionally, in the laboratory, we perform experimental studies of the properties of temporal and spatial correlation of different light sources and use interferometric techniques to distinguish between various photon entangled states, separable states and learn about the purity of single photons.


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