PhD Program in Physics

Código SNIES:7259
Título: Doctor en Ciencias-Física
Formación Universitaria Posgrado
Bogotá. D.C
Resolución 3587, otorgada el 29/04/2011 por un periodo de 7 años.
10 periodos de duración (10 Semestres)
Modalidad: Presencial


The Doctorate in Physics began in 1998. The main objective of this program is to train researchers. To this end, the program seeks to develop students´ skills to carry out original research in an autonomous way. Simultaneously with the above, the student acquires a level of maturity in physics that allows him to tackle his/her science with a critical spirit necessary for the true understanding and the emergence of new ideas. From its inception until 2011, 8 students have graduated. All PhDs in physics graduated from our program have continued their careers as post-doctoral researchers in foreign universities.




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