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Minor in Physics

Universidad de los Andes

August de 2015


1. Description

The physics department, aware of the importance of the Physics in the formation and creative activity of several disciplines professionals, especially Engineers and Mathematics, offers the Minor in Physics. Over the years, this Minor has been demanded by students from several Majors. The Minor in Physics attempts to give to the student a most complete comprehension of the physics processes wherein many of the science applications and other disciplines are founded, this to obtain stronger theoretical and experimental knowledge in Physics and a bigger capability to implement creative initiatives.


2. Objetives

The student who completes the Minor in Physics:

  • Develops comprehension and application of the concepts, fundamentals and theories of Physics.
  • Acquires an analytic and critical thinking in accordance with the scientific method.
  • Identifies a scientific problem, raise it and model it properly.
  • Acquires theory, experimental and computational Physics tools to use them in applications of his interest.
  • Increases his performance in graduate programs that require a good Physics formation.
  • Is responsible, honest and committed with solution of the XXI Century problems.


3. Program Estructure

The Minor in Physics consists of five courses (15 credits) with 3 or 2 mandatory courses and 2 or 3 elective courses, respectively.

Mandatory Courses


Course Name


FISI 1038

Waves and fluids*


FISI 1048

Modern Physics


FISI 1049

Modern Physics Laboratory



Elective Courses**

The following courses are electives (Offered each semester):


Course Name


FISI 2405



FISI 2007

Mathematical Methods*


FISI 2051

Intermediate Laboratory


FISI 2028

Computational Methods*


FISI 2432

Electromagnetism 1


FISI 2040




* Keep in mind that any course of the academical program could not be part of the Minor in Physics. If a mandatory course of the Minor is part of the student’s Major, it must be replaced by an elective course.

** Any elective course offered by the Physics Department will be validated once the student achieves the course requirements.


4. Admission Requirements for the Minor in Physics

The following requirements are mandatory to enter the Minor in Physics:

  • Have finished the general Physics cycle: Physics 1 (FISI 1018), Physics 2 (FISI 1028), Experimental Physics 1 (FISI 1019) and Experimental Physics 2 (FISI 1029).
  • Provide an application letter to the physics department (download application letter), along with the approval of the Department Director to which the student belongs.
  • The student must have the written approval provided by the Physics Department.

The Physics Department will assign an advisor to the student to provide assistance in the courses election  (taking into account the requirements for each course) and the student schedule.


Mayores informes

Contact:   Claudia Marcela Bonilla Escobar
Position:   Administrative-Academic Coordinator. Physics Department
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.