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FRIPON@Atacama, from fireball to meteorite

  • Katherine Vieira

    Profesora de la Universidad de Atacama, Instituto de Astronomía y Ciencias Planetarias, Chile

Lugar: Sala IP-105
Fecha: 15 de Abril del 2024
hora: 2:00 pm

The FRIPON Science Project (Fireball Recovery and Inter-Planetary Observation Network) studies interplanetary matter by detecting and characterizing fireballs (orbit, trajectory, size, etc,) and recovering fresh fallen meteorites to be analyzed. FRIPON has assembled an international network of +200 all-sky cameras across mainly Europe and Canada, and in the past two years has grown in Chile, currently having 9 working cameras, 3 of which are in the Atacama region. I will describe the overall scientific goals of FRIPON, the installation in Atacama, what happens at each stage of the observed phenomenon (meteoroid, meteor, and meteorite), the FRIPON observation strategy, and the obtained results from two multiple detections in Chile. Finally, I will talk about the future including the expansion to FRIPON Andino toward neighboring countries.

Lugar: Sala IP-105