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The co-evolution of galaxies and environment within the last 10 Gyr

  • Ricardo Demarco

    Profesor Asociado, Departamento de Astronomía, Universidad de Concepción

Lugar: Vía Zoom
Fecha: 27 de Mayo del 2024
hora: 2:00 pm

Clusters of galaxies are the most massive bound systems, fundamental pieces in our study of the environmental drivers of galaxy evolution. In the LCDM paradigm, galaxy clusters are formed through the merger of smaller structures, and, for such reason, it is expected that the properties of their galaxy populations are connected with the physical nature of the local volume they live in as a function of cosmic time. While observations in the local universe allow us to probe in more detail such galaxy-environment co-evolution, the need to go to the largest possible redshifts is well supported by the fundamental requirement of providing a consistent and complete description of the way in which the environment is responsible for establishing the fundamental properties of galaxies in the local universe. A key problem is how galaxies cease forming stars and whether this is a consequence of the properties of their local volume. Here we present a summary of our efforts to better understand the evolution of cluster galaxies through time and across environment, using data from extensive surveys out to z~2.0.

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