Mission and Vision


The Department trains professionals and researchers in physics, and contributes to the generation of new knowledge for the scientific development of the country. It maintains a level of excellence in teaching, research and extension activities. The Department is constantly working on improving teaching techniques to efficiently transmit scientific thinking; it actively participates in the creation of new knowledge in various frontier areas of physics and promotes the disclosure and socialization of physics.


The Physics Department has several challenges in teaching and research to maintain a level of excellence. In the field of teaching, new ways are created that motivate the interest for studying physics, as well as training excellent undergraduates to continue their graduate studies and to make a career in scientific research. As far as research, an appropriate atmosphere is fostered to attract and maintain teachers active with the highest level of education, as well as researchers and graduates committed to developing a wide variety of research areas. Additionally, work in interdisciplinary areas is encouraged, equipment which allows for proper cutting edge research in computational and experimental areas is acquired and renovated, and the library collections of the specialty are updated.