"Out-of-time-order-correlators in strongly interacting systems: A semiclassical approach to the butterfly effect and its saturation due to quantum interference" 
Seminario de Materia Condensada

Gustavo A. Martínez


Universidad de los Andes

Martes, 15 de agosto de 2017, 2:00 p.m.
Bloque IP Sala-101
Out-of-Time-Order-Correlators (OTOC's in short) have been the focus of intense study during the last years, specially after the seminal paper of Maldacena and Stanford where they are proposed as a tool to diagnose quantum chaos in the gravitational side of a Ads/CFT pair, bringing yet extra support to the idea that, whatever the quantum theory of gravity is, black holes have a chaotic classical limit. By now, more than 200 papers later, a proper derivation of the main features of the OTOC's, namely their initial exponential growth (the quantum butterfly effect) and their later saturation around some scale logarithmically connected with hbar, is still missing. As such derivation should explain both the appearance of classical indicators of chaos (the Lyapunov exponent) and the saturation of exponential growth due to quantum interference, it is expected that the proper tool are semiclassical expansions in terms of interfering classical solutions, based on what is known as the van Vleck-Gutzwiller propagator.

Seminarios de Materia Condensada