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"Emergent Spacetime. Topology Change and Resolution of Singularity"

Dr. Raju Roychowdhury
Departamento de Física – UFPR, Curitiba Brasil

22 de agosto de 2018
4:00 p.m.
Salón B-202
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Resumen de la charla:

The contemporary physics has revealed growing evidences that the emergence can be applied to not only biology and condensed matter systems but also to gravity and spacetime. We observe that noncommutativity necessarily implies emergent spacetime. In Emergent Gravity approach the spacetime geometry is defined by U(1) gauge fields on noncommutative (NC) spacetime. Accordingly the topology of spacetime is determined by the topology of NC U(1) gauge fields. We show that topology change of spacetime is ample in emergent gravity and the subsequent resolution of singularity is possible in NC spacetime. Thus emergent gravity provides a well-defined mechanism for topology change of spacetime which does not suffer from any singularity in sharp contrast to general relativity.