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Demonstrative experiments warehouse.

The project "Demonstrative experiments at Universidad de los Andes" seeks to complement the lectures on basic physics courses, through the presentation of demonstrative experiments. These experiments have two main objectives: Improving the willingness of students towards studying physics, and facilitate the presentation and teaching of the laws of physics.

This is accomplished by showing students a physical system by which some laws of physics can be introduced and presented, but it is also possible to take this opportunity for students to apply the concepts studied in class.

The warehouse also has different experiments ranging in complexity according to the topic of the course. There are basic experiments that can even be done at home using simple materials, there are intermediate experiments where theory is compared to the measurement of any physical variable and there are advanced experiments that require specialized equipment assemblies. The presentations of demonstrative experiments are performed in a room with capacity for 100 people, equipped with various audiovisual resources that facilitate such presentations.

More information in the Demostrative Experiments web page.