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Neelima Govind Kelkar

Neelima Kelkar
Office: BD. Ip-403
Telephone: 339-4949, Ext. 2062
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"Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics: The physics of the first excited state of the proton, namely the Delta resonance was one of the most interesting topics of research for intermediate energy nuclear physicists during the nineties. My Ph.D. thesis involved a study of the Delta production on nuclei and the final state interactions in these reactions. This work was done at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai. In the following years, during my post doctoral days at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy and at the University of Valencia I worked on other reactions at intermediate energies. One of the most interesting one involved the coherent pion production in nuclei which was of relevance to the atmospheric neutrino problem. At a later stage we studied the production of strange hadrons in order to better understand the hyperon-nucleon interactions. Some of the most recent works include the investigations of reactions producing exotic states of eta mesons and nuclei.

Hadron Physics: Over the years I have worked on various topics involving hadron physics. This includes a statistical model of the nucleon and pion which reproduces the deep inelastic scattering data and form factors within a physical model with only two parameters. We also performed studies of structure effects due to the elastic or electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon in nuclei, mesonic atoms, hydrogen atom and the muonic hydrogen atom. Finally, one of my favourite topics on which I have been working for quite a while now, involves quantum time concepts in nuclear and particle physics."

Academic degrees:
  • Ph.D. (Universidad de Bombay, 1994)
  • M.Sc. (Universidad de Bombay, 1988)
Research Area:
  • Theoretical hadron physics
Other research interests:
  • Quantum time concepts
  • Structure of hadrons
  • Resonance physics
Service to the Department:
  • Member of the PhD and Masters Committee
Current teaching Assignment: