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Department of Physics

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Juan Carlos Sanabria Arenas

Office: BD. IP-505
Telephone: (571) 339-4949, Ext. 2063
Web Page: CvLAC
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Office Hours: By appointment

"As an experimental physicist with expertise in nuclear, hadron and high energy physics, I have worked in areas such as: elastic scattering proton- proton, nuclear fission induced by photons, photo production of strangeness on nucleons, proton odd content, experimental searches for supersymmetry and eruption studies of gamma rays in distant galaxies.

Since 2006, I am part of the CMS experiment, of accelerator LHC at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. Along with other Professors of the Department, we lead a group of researchers, students and engineers located at the CERN laboratory to help them achieve the objectives of the scientific program of this experiment. Our group has made significant contributions in the installation and operation of the muon detector system, as well as software for the reconstruction of these particles. Currently, we are dedicated to searching for evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model of Particles, with emphasis on signs of supersymmetric matter.

In addition to my experimental work, I also do research in phenomenology in particle physics and astrophysics, studying for instance, the foreign content of protons, or the production mechanisms of gamma-ray flares in distant galaxies.

Beyond my scientific research, I am interested in all issues related to the history of science and in the history of physics in particular. "

Academic degrees:
  • Ph.D. (George Washington University. 1998)
  • M.S. (George Washington University. 1994)
  • Physicist (U. de los Andes, Colombia 1989)
  • Electrical Engineer (U. de los Andes, Colombia 1988)
Research Area:
  • Nuclear Experimental Physics and Elementary Particles Physics.
Other research interests:
  • Phenomenology in Astrophysics.
Current research:
  • Experimental Supersymmetry Searches.
  • Study of gamma-ray flares in distant galaxies.
Current Teaching Assignment: