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Edgar Javier Patiño Zapata

Office: BD. Ip-302
Telephone: (571) 339-4949, Ext. 3606
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Office Hours: By appointment.

"My field of interest is related with Solid State Physics and Nanotechnology. I work on studies in thin films, multilayered structures and devices of the type: Ferromagnet(F), Normal Metal (N), Superconductor(S) in various combinations. For instance in structures N/F is curious to investigate the effects that ferromagnetism produce on electrons transport properties (e.g. resistivity). These could be the result of stray fields, domain walls or exchange fields of the ferromagnets. Furthermore by replacing single electrons with Cooper pairs in S/F structures new physical properties are generated that depend on the magnetic state of the F layers.

Another of my fields of interest are the oxides with first order phase transition, e.g. of the Mott type, where I have carried out studies on vanadium dioxide VO2.

With the aim of fabricating and characterizing samples experimental setups and techniques have been developed at the university. For sample growth I have directed the assembly and optimization of ultra-high vacuum chambers employing techniques of sputtering, thermal and e-beam evaporation. Device fabrication is accomplished by optical lithography and mechanical masks in situ. Finally for characterization of magnetic and electric properties; VSM-SQUID techniques and cryogenic elements (Nitrogen, He4, He3) are used. "

Academic degrees:
  • Ph.D. (Cambridge University-UK, 2006)
  • Master (National Polytechnic School, Ecuador, 2000)
Research Area:
  • Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental).
Other research interests:
  • Condensed Matter Physics
Service to the Department:
  • Member of the PhD and Masters Committee.
Current teaching assignment: