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Chad Leidy

Office: BD. Ip-406
Telephone: (571) 339-4949, Ext. 2712
Web Page: CvLAC
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Office Hours: Friday of 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.

"From my undergraduate in physics, I have been interested in exploring issues related to biological systems. I was always very curious to understand how life managed to solve its problems of organization, survival in hostile environments, processing power, and mobility from a physical point of view. Early in my career, I supplemented my training as a physicist with courses in biochemistry and cellular biology. I completed my PhD in Biophysics at the University of California, Davis under the direction of John Crowe. In his laboratory, we specialized in understanding how different plants and animals generated strategies to survive complete desiccation, also called anhydrobiosis. In my PhD work, I got strongly interested in the properties of cell membranes´material. Biomembranes not only serve to compartmentalize cells, but also have diverse dynamic functions, essential for communication and survival. This interest led me to complete a postdoctoral fellow at the MEMPHYS Center for Membrane Biophysics Group led by Ole G. Mouritsen in Denmark. There, I specialized in atomic force microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy, studying how the organization of biomembranes could act as regulators of different biological processes.

Currently, our research group is working on an interdisciplinary environment where physicists, biologists, microbiologists and engineers participate, sharing ideas to solve several projects involving biomembranes. We have several active projects, including a partnership led by us among Weill Medical College of Cornell University, the University of Göttingen, Geneva General Hospital, and the University´s Department of Biological Sciences to study how bacteria can regulate the physical properties of their membranes to generate resistance to antibiotics directed to their membranes. In addition, we support the Faculty of Medicine at University de Los Andes in the development of liposomal systems to direct medicine to the central nervous system cells. With the School of Engineering, we work together on a project based on the use of microfluidics to understand the properties of cell membranes in flow conditions, which has implications for understanding the movement of cells in the circulatory system. These and other research projects are valuable opportunities for students who wish to get involved. "

Academic degrees:
  • Ph.D. (University of California, Devis, 2002)
  • Physicist (University of California, Davis, 1996)
Research Area:
  • Biophysics.
Other research interests:
  • Physics and chemistry of biomembranes.
  • Thermotropic behavior of lipid membranes.
  • Formation of supported membranes.
  • Interaction protein / membrane.
  • Phospholipase activity.
Service to the Department:
  • Teaching Laboratories Coordinator.