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Paula Giraldo Gallo

Paula Giraldo Gallo
Office: BD. IP-304
Telephone: (571) 339-4949, Ext. 2712
Web Page: CvLAC
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office Hours: By appointment.

"At the Quantum Materials lab we are interested in the study of complex and strongly correlated materials for which the competition of different energy scales results in the establishment of novel ground states. We are interested in characterizing and understanding the origin and nature of such ground states, as well as the way of controlling and optimizing their properties by tuning a variety of physical parameters such as temperature, magnetic field, chemical doping, pressure or strain. Some of the phenomena we commonly encounter in the materials we study, that are associated with such novel ground states, are superconductivity, charge density wave disproportionation, valence disproportionation, phase separation (electronic and/or structural), thermoelectricity, and topological states. We accompany our research program with a material synthesis effort, mainly in the form of single crystals of the highest possible quality. "

Academic degrees:
  • Ph.D. (Stanford University – USA, 2015)
  • M.S. in Physics (Universidad de Los Andes, 2009)
  • Physics (Undergraduate, Universidad de Los Andes, 2006)
Research Area:
  • Condensed Matter Physics (experimental).

Other research interests:
  • Single Crystal Synthesis.
  • Materials under extreme conditions.
Current teaching assignment:
  • Physics 2