The main campus of the Universidad de los Andes is located at Carrera 1 18A-10, Bogotá, Colombia.

How to get to Universidad de los Andes:

-By car:
Take 19th Avenue west-east bound or Circunvalar Avenue which borders the eastern hills and connects the downtown to the north. Also by TransMilenio, bus, and taxi.

EThe mass transit bus system, TransMilenio, covers the different areas of Bogotá. Las Aguas (19th Street and 3rd Avenue) and (3rd Avenue and 22th Street) Universidades are the closest station to Universidad de los Andes.

-Buses and minibuses:
Bogotá has many public transportation routes that provide service by bus, minibus and minivan. The main access road closest to Universidad de los Andes with bus stops is 19th Avenue, where public transportation arrives and departs for the whole city.

You can also get to the University by taxi. The rate is set by units: the unit increament each 100 meters of distance or 60 second wait. Starting or 'flag' rate is the minimum fare. In addition, there are two types of surcharges: surcharge from and to El Dorado Airport or Puente Aéreo and night, Sunday and / or holiday surcharge.

To get to buildings "I" and "IP" (Physics Department) within Universidad de los Andes:

Buildings "I" and "IP" are located in the south-east of the Main Campus of Universidad de Los Andes, to the north of "La Media Torta" and to the south of the "Main Cafeteria". The east border is building "Q", and the north-west border is building "J". The red arrows in the map above show the access roads from each of the entrances of the main Campus.


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