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Minor in Astronomy

Universidad de los Andes

August 2015


1. Description

Astronomy is a field of interest for many students of all branches of knowledge. For this reason it is important to offer to the Uniandes community a minor program in Astronomy in order to give them a basic formation in the fundamental topics of this science field, that can complement the student major program.


2. Objetives

The student who completes the minor in Astronomy:

  • Recognizes different celestial bodies through observations with small telescopes and  naked eye,  and understands the physical characteristics of those objects.
  • Locates celestial bodies in the firmament using the sky chart.
  • Knows the strong correlation between Astronomy and the different disciplines of knowledge, by understanding the applicability of his undergraduate program to the Astronomy field and vice versa.
  • Understands the importance of Astronomy in the divulgative and aesthetic aspects.
  • Acquires a correct perspective of research in Astronomy: Understands the most important questions that this discipline tries to answer, as well as the efforts made to answer them.
  • Understands the technological and computational advances needed to do research in the astronomy field.
  • Knows the trends in the scientific studies made in the modern observatories by understanding the basic operation of the telescopes and their instruments, as well as the current way to obtain and analyze astronomical data.
  • Develops a general knowledge of the astrophysical processes in the solar system, the stars, the extrasolar planets and the Universe.


3. Program Structure

The minor in Astronomy consists of five courses (15 credits) in the Astronomy field which are offered by the Physics Department, 2 mandatory (6 credits) and 3 electives (9 credits) .


Mandatory Courses


Course Name


FISI 1908B

Galactic Astronomy


FISI 1912B

Distant Worlds



Elective Courses *

Students must take 3 of these elective courses according to their interests. The following is a list of the valid elective courses for the minor in Astronomy. This list will be frequently updated in the Physics department web page to also include new offers of Astronomy courses.


Course Name


CBU Courses

FISI 1913B

Astrobiology: life in the Universe


FISI 1907B

Planetary Astronomy


FISI 1916B

Popular Astronomy


FISI 1090B

Cosmos: The Physical Universe


FISI 1006A

Physics for traveling to the stars


FISI 1004A Great ideas of Physics


Elective courses from Undergraduate Physics program

FISI 2992

Stellar Astrophysics


FISI 2930

General Astronomy


FISI 2920



FISI 2910

Celestial Mechanics


FISI 2998

Astrophysical methods



* The flexible structure of the minor in Astronomy allows the students to take 3 courses of the list provided above whenever they fulfill the requisites for each of them and the university regulation of academic minors.


4. Admission Requirements for the Minor in Astronomy.

The following requirements are mandatory to enter the Minor in Astronomy:

  • Provide an application letter to the physics department (Download application letter), along with the approval of the Department Director to which the student belongs.
  • The student must have the written approval provided by the Physics Department. The coordinator of the Minor in Astronomy will provide assistance to the student in the courses election (taking into account the requirements for each course) and in the student schedule.


More information.

Contact:   Claudia Marcela Bonilla Escobar
Position:   Academic-Administrative Coordinator. Physics Department
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact:   Beatriz Eugenia Sabogal Martínez
Position:   Minor in Astronomy Coordinator, Associate Professor
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