Physics Major

Código SNIES:1546 
Título: Físico
Formación universitaria Pregrado
Bogotá. D.C
Resolución 9085, otorgada el 23/11/2009 por un periodo de 8 años.
8 periodos de duración (8 Semestres)
Modalidad: Presencial


The Physics undergraduate program (Physics major) began in 1978. Its purpose is to educate students in understanding, handling and application of concepts, principles and main theories of physics, developing in them a way of thinking according to the scientific method, with critical and analytical thinking to address and raise issues and solutions that are not only of a theoretical - physics interest but also of interest in other fields related to the natural sciences. From its inception until 2010, 294 students have graduated and most of them have continued their postgraduate studies in the Department or at recognized universities abroad. Many students have also supplemented this education with majors in areas such as Mathematics, Engineering and Economics, among others, making use of the dual degree offered by the Universidad de Los Andes.





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